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You’ve probably noticed the change of clothes for Shift Happens! I hope you like it.

For twelve years now, my primary source of income has been live training and seminars. Most of that has been training project managers.

After plenty of experimentation and strategising last year, I decided to commit to my biggest project for several years. I am building a business and a community for training project managers online. This will be OnlinePMCourses.


It will allow me to expand my audience globally and I shall be launching on 20 June 2016 with my core courses: 3, 6, and 12 hour video training packages, based respectively on my half-day seminar, and my one- and two-day training programs.

Project Manager’s Fast Start Program will contain about 30 video lectures of around 3 hours total duration, based on my three-hour Practical Project Management Seminar.

Project Manager’s Skills Mastery Program will contain about 60 video lectures of around 6 hours total duration, based on my One-day Manage a Great Project Training Course.

Project Manager’s Immersion Program will contain about 120 video lectures of around 12 hours total duration, based on my Two-day Manage a Great Project Training Course.

These will be followed by further specialised courses, and will also form the start of a learning community.

What this means for you

Three things mainly:

First, there will be a whole load more resources coming available, if your interest in this blog is for learning project management skills, getting projects done, or building a project management career.

Second, if you want to learn project management in a structured way that will give you clear, practical project management knowledge, made easy to understand and apply, you will have a great place to go and select the course that is right for you.

Third, whilst I will periodically be adding content to this blog, I shall be migrating my blogging to the new website.

Please visit the OnlinePMCourses Blog, here. There you can sign up to receive blog posts in your inbox or add the site to your WordPress reading list.

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