Harbin Ice Festival Tours from UK 2023

harbin ice festival

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from UK is the best choice for holiday. This tour package will arrange your holiday in China. Moreover, it is also the best choice because it has a special tour for Harbin festival. Harbin festival is one of the most popular events in China. This is the most awesome event of an ice festival. It has an ice festival because this event happened on winter season.

In China, especially Harbin, this festival is very well-known. Many people love to come to this long festival. It is a great chance for you too in having experience in China. It does not happen every month. So, if you want to join this festival, you can visit Harbin on winter season.

You can get the best Harbin China Ice Festival Tours with us. We will have a special offer for you to get sightseeing in China. This is a special package offered for those who want to get a new ice experience. This special trip will take you to Harbin China for 4 days and 3 nights. You will enjoy many activities outdoor with China Tour Guide. There will be so much fun activity to do in this festival of ice in Harbin.

Harbin Ice Festival Tours Itinerary

The itinerary is for you to stay at Harbin for 4 days. You will have a chance to visit many memorable and incredible tourism places in China. We already arranged all the necessity for the tourism journey. So, here is the itinerary for having Ice Festival Harbin 2023 in China:

Day 1

In the first day, you will be picked up by driver from the Airport. The driver is Chinese, so you will get a special welcome. He will bring a sign with your name and the Harbin Festival. Indeed, you can easily recognize the driver. You will actually meet the driver on the arrival hall.  So, do not worry that you will not lost.

Then you will be transferred to the hotel that is already booked. The driver will only make a one way service to take you to hotel. In this first day, you will have much free time. You can enjoy your first day by sightseeing around the hotel. If you want to go outside, you can use maps so you will not be lost.

Day 2

In the second day, the itinerary is to put you to Jihua Ski Resort. Since it is a way long trip, your driver will pick you up at 8 am. You will get breakfast at the hotel. The time taken from your Hotel to Jihua is about 2 hours. But, once you get there, you will love the scenery. It is full of snow and you can also playing ski.  You will use the private vehicle along with the driver and the guide.

This place is the nearest ski resort to Harbin. It is located in Binxi National Geological Forest Park. If you want to just enjoy the scenery, you can walk along the ice. Or you can also enjoy skiing for the first time. The ski expense will be your own matter. The package only gives you the entrance ticket. It will be a package to play the ski. It is CNY180 for 2 hours, CNY220 for hours, and CNY240 for 4 hours. The driver will wait for you while you are skiing. You will drive back to Harbin in the evening.

Day 3

In this day, you will get more amazing trip. The third day is your busy day because you will visit five tourism places. The driver will pick you up at 9 am after having breakfast at hotel. The first destination is Heilongjiang Provincial Museum and the Central Street. This museum is the historical place in Harbin. Whereas the central street is the street where many big brand gathered in one area of shopping.

The next place is the Sun Island. This is a kind of art expo in which you can see many snow sculptures.  This  snow art exhibition is only held on winter. There are many ice sculptures showing many different cultures in China. This art expo is really amazing and also you can take many beautiful photographs.

Then, you will go to Siberian Tiger Park. This park is so dangerous that’s why you will be in a cage. And you can see the tiger outside. The vehicle you will use is a bus protected by cage. So, it will be safe inside. You will get your lunch after this journey.

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from UK is this final trip. In the evening you will see the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. This is the most important part for you. There are many buildings from ice but in illuminated size. Also, there are many sculptures of ice and snow. So, you will have many activities or just seeing the evening show. All the activity in this ice and snow festival is free for you.

Day 4

This is the last day of your trip. You will be picked up by the driver and transferred to the Airport. You can fly to your next destination.

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from UK Detail

  • Entrance fee to any tourism object in the itinerary.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). You will get breakfast at hotel. Lunch and dinner will be arranged in the local restaurant in Harbin. You can also require the menu whether Chinese or Western menu.
  • Private transportation to the hotel, airport, and tourism places. You will get a full air-conditioned car for every transport.
  • Hotels for you to stay when joining this trip. You will get standard facilities.
  • Private sightseeing for any places in the itinerary. You will be accompanied by the driver and guide. They will follow you unless you flight to another place.
  • Transportation for any train or domestic airfare. It will depend on the itinerary.
  • Tax and service if there is another charge while sightseeing.
  • Free charge for the arrangement planning and budgeting.

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from UK is your best choice for China Tour Guide. It is your time to book your seat now.