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Ranoh Adventure Island Tour from China

Ranoh Island tour from China. Some of us are still unfamiliar with this name in Batam. Formerly, Ranoh beach is an uninhabited and very natural beach located on an island that has the same name as its beach, Ranoh Island. After a few months closed for public, Ranoh beach reopened and the owner compared it to the name of Ranoh Island Adventure.

Ranoh Beach is locatedon Ranoh Island. This island is still in the same waters as Abang Island. Moreprecisely, this small island is located right between one big island and onesmall island. Ranoh is exactly located between the two islands.

With itslocation in the middle between the two islands, it makes this island’s sea calmand the waves are not too big. Another interesting fact is that Ranoh islandalso has a snorkeling spot that is quite challenging.

Ranoh Island tour which is now underthe management of Adventure Ranoh Islandis about 75 minutes drive from Batam Center, or around 90 minutes drive fromNagoya. The Ranoh Island trip isdivided into 2 trips, namely land travel and sea travel. Land travel can bereached by using a private vehicle or by public transportation.

However, itshould be noted that public transportation is not always available for theBarelang route. There is one public vehicle, namely “KANDAP”,  with a route starting at SP Plaza Batuaji andending at PT Pari Jembatan 6 Barelang Port.

The next way to get to Ranoh Island is by usingDamri bus, which sometimes has uncertain schedules. So, to go to the RanohIsland, it is recommended to use a private vehicle or rent a vehicle. Anotheroption is by using the services of a travel agent that sometimes addstransportation in the Ranoh Island tourpackage.

The road Ranoh Island trip from Singapore will take a maximum of 60 minutes. At first glance,it looks so long, but along the way you will enjoy the beautiful scenery. Also youwill pass the entire series of Barelang bridges which have a total of 6 bridges.These bridges are connecting the islands around Batam, from Batam to GalangBaru. The overland journey will end at the port after arriving in port.

Furthermore, thejourney continues with a speedboat of approximately 15 minutes from the port.For those who are afraid of the sea, you don’t need to worry, because the wavesin this area are not too big and it is fairly calm.

In addition,each guest is required to wear a life jacket while traveling on a speedboat,which of course increases confidence, right? There are 2 types of ships will beused to go to Ranoh Island. The first is large ships with maximum capacity of75 people. And the second is small vessels with a capacity of 15 people.

Indeed, to go toRanoh island, you can’t just come. RanohIsland Adventure Packages can be obtained through travel agents, one ofwhich is Fuji Tour. You can get the best adventure package to Ranoh Island fromFuji Tour with a good price.

We willaccompany you in this Ranoh Island Tourand you can also enjoy your trip here with us. If you take this Ranoh Island trip package, you willalso visit the popular Barelang Bridge.

The Itinerary of Ranoh Island Adventure Package

Terminal Ferry – Barelang Bridge – RanohIsland

You will bepicked up on your arrival destination. You trip will start here when you go toTerminal Ferry. From this terminal, we will take you to visit Barelang Bridge. Thisplace is usually used as a photo spot. So, you can take picture in front ofthis Bridge sign board.

From BarelangBridge, You will go to Laboon terminal.  Labon terminal is the way to go to Ranohisland.  In Ranoh Island, you can doanything you want because it is a free program for you.

Package include:

1) Transfer inout Terminal Ferry/Hotel – Laboon Terminal/Galang Port  (Return)

2) Buffet Lunchin Ranoh Island + Free  Coconut

3) Boat to RanohIsland

4) Snorkling +Free Facilities

5) Waterpark

6) TourGuides/Tour Leader 

Package exclude:

1) Ferry Ticket+ Tax

2) PersonalExpenses (Laundry, Telephone,  Mini Bars)

3) Tips Guide$2/Pax

Ranoh Island Tour Pacakage Price

$90,- / pax (min. 05 pax)

Additional Water sport price list:

Banana Boat    $11,- 

Jet Ski    $40,-

Fishing   $23,- 

Flying Fish   $21,-

Crazy UFO   $13,- 

Disco Boat   $13,-

Mantarry FlyingFish  $21,- 

WaterFloating  $13,-

Snorkling   $15,- 

Ocean Rafting   $41,-