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Thailand Bangkok and Pattaya Tours 4D3N From China (Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou)

Thailand Bangkok and Pattaya Tours from China

Thailand Bangkok and Pattaya tours 4 Days 3 Nights from china available from Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou for your holiday and amazing trip in Thailand. Boll Roaches Guide offers an exclusive tour package to Bangkok and Pattaya for 4 days 3 nights. You can get a full tour package with the best prices and services from Tour guide china. Your trip will be easier and more enjoyable because there are many best facilities. Provide unforgettable experiences for those closest to you by using our services.

4D3N tour package to Thailand Bangkok and Pattaya is the best package for you visit bangkok during chinese new year . This bangkok tour from china package will cover the cost of hotel, meals, transportation, driver, tour guide and tour ticket. This is the best holiday packages to Bangkok you will ever get. and best time to visit chinatown in bangkok.

Tour Thailand is best choice for you to spend time during chinese new year or winter vacation. Tour thailand from Xian, Beijing, Harbin, Lanzhou, Wuhan

You don’t need to take care of everything related to accommodation because our Boll Roaches Guide has taken care of it. You just sit and enjoy the vacation in Bangkok and Pattaya. You also don’t need to book a hotel or inn and rent a vehicle. All have been provided by us in this bangkok city tour packages.

This holiday packages to Thailand and Bangkok will take you to various popular tourist spots. For example Laser Buddha Hill, Wat Arun, Nongnooch Village, Erawadee Herb Shop, Local Fruit Market, MBK Mall, Asiatique and others. These places are the most famous tourist attractions in Thailand and those are visited by many tourists every year.

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By booking this cheap travel package to Thailand from china, you will spend night in Bangkok and Pattaya. Your tour in Bangkok will last for 3 days and 2 nights. While the remaining 2 days 1 night will be used to travel in Pattaya. The driver and tour guide will always accompany and escort you to various tourist attractions in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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Popular Destinations in Bangkok and Pattaya during chinese new year

MBK Mall

MBK Mall is one of the shopping centers in Bangkok. This mall is very famous because it is the center of the largest mall in Thailand. MBK is an abbreviation of Mahboonkrong. Not only crowded by foreign tourists, MBK mall is also crowded by local tourists. This mall offers lower prices.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is a historic place for the citizens of Thailand. Located in Bangkok, Wat Arun Temple is very popular. Wat Arun is also known as The Temple of Dawn.


Asiatique The Riverfront is an expansive open-air mall with river views and a cutting-edge ‘festival market and living museum’ concept.

Bangkok-Pattaya Itinerary 4D3N From China

Day 1: Bangkok (arriving in Bangkok, traveling from China)

Participantswill be picked up at Bangkok Airport and delivered to the hotel. There are notours on this day. Participants can take a break or take a walk alone.

Day 2: Bangkok – Pattaya (include breakfast / lunch / dinner)

After breakfast,participants will be picked up by a driver and tour guide. Then, you will visitWat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). You can get to the temple by crossing the chaopraya river using a boat. Then, youwill proceed to MBK Mall which is one of the biggest shopping centers inBangkok. During the day, participants will get lunch at a local restaurant inBangkok. Then, you will head to the Leather Shop. One of the centers oftraditional product crafts.

In theafternoon, participants will continue their trip to Pattaya as the part of bangkok travel package 2019. The first destinationis Honey Bee Farm which is a honey-producing beekeeping. Next, the participantsvisited the Pattaya Folating Market, the traditional floating market inPattaya. In addition, the Participants will be visiting 3D art in paradise. Thetrip is over in the evening and participants can have dinner at the a-onehotel. Participants will also check in hotel in Pattaya.

Day 3: Pattaya – Bangkok (include breakfast / lunch / dinner)

After breakfastat the hotel, participants will be invited to the Erawadee Herb Shop, World Gemand Nongnooch Village. Then, followed by lunch at local restaurant. In thisvillage, there are always elephant and Thai art attractions. Then, participantproceed to laser Buddha hill, local fruit market, silver lake & grape farm.Participants will also visit culinary tours at the dried food center. In theafternoon, participants will be invited to Bang U-Thit Mosque. While at night,there will be a trip to the Asiatique night market. Furthermore, Participants willget dinner at a local restaurant and check in hotel in Bangkok.

Day 4: Return (include breakfast)

Participants will get breakfast at the hotel. Then, participants just wait to be picked up and delivered to the airport.

The benefits of 4D3N Bangkok-Pattaya Tour Package

2 nights lodging in Bangkok + Breakfast

This tour toThailand will take place for 4 days and 3 nights. Participants will be invitedto visit Bangkok and Pattaya.

Stay 1 night in Pattaya + Breakfast

After spendingtime in Bangkok, participants will continue their tour in the city of Pattaya.Hotel fees are included in this tour package.

Eat at Local Restaurant

While in Bangkokand Pattaya, you will be invited to eat at a local restaurant to taste typicalThai cuisine. There is already a list of restaurants that have the best menus.

 Full AC vehicle + driver

For your convenienceand ease of transportation, you will travel using a full AC vehicle. Inaddition, you will also be escorted and picked up by a driver who has beenprovided.

All tourist destinations in the package

There are noadditional fees for the tourist attractions visited. As long as participantsfollow the schedule provided by the Fuji Tour, they don’t need to pay forentrance fees.

1 bottle of drinking water per personevery day

This one bottlefor a day is one of the anticipations if participants feel thirsty whiletraveling. This drinking water will be given every day when leaving for touristattractions.

English/Chinese-language companion

The companionwill accompany all participants to all tourist attractions. However, theassistants did not take the participants back to their home countries.

Price of 4D3N Bangkok Tour Package-Pattaya Fuji Tour

CNY 1,300,- / pax

This is bangkok cheap travel package from china for you. Get a new experience with Fuji Tour and save the incredible memory.

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