2 Days Harbin Ice Festival Tours 2023 from Australia

Harbin Ice festival tours 2023 from Australia with the affordable price. Tour to Harbin is always interesting. Both in short holiday and long holiday. This place is always beautiful and offers a good experience. However, not all people can enjoy their holiday in Harbin in a long time. Sometimes, they only have few days off. But do not worry because we offer you a special quick Harbin tour package.

This 2 days affordable Harbin China ice festival tour will cover your short holiday. Your short holiday will be full of experience in Harbin. We will give you a special tour that will highlight the best places in Harbin only.

Not only will you visit the best places, but also the get the best service. This tour package will cover all of your necessary. It includes the transportation, ticket, tour guide, and driver. Since it is a short holiday, you can book your own hotel at your ease. We would like recommend you a hotel in Daoli District. This place is the nearest one with Harbin festival place. So here are the places you will get to know when visiting Harbin, China.

Harbin China Ice festival Tour Object

There are some tourism places that you will visit. Since it is only a short holiday in two days, your day will be full of trip. So, here are the list of tourism objects to visit.

  • Harbin Central Street
  • Heilongjang Provincial Museum
  • Stalin Park
  • Ice Palace Restaurant and Ice Bar
  • Shangri-la Hotel
  • Ice Lantern Fair
  • Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo
  • Siberian Tiger Park
  • Ice and Snow World

Itinerary Harbin ice festival tour from Australia 2023

Day-1 : Harbin Central Street, Heilongjang Provincial Museum, Stalin Park, Ice Palace Restaurant and Ice Bar, Ice Lantern Fair

In this first day, you will be picked up by driver in your Hotel. The guide and driver will come at 9 am. You will get the logo of “Harbin Ice Festival” with your name as the sign. You and the guide will meet at the lobby and start your trip today.

You will start your day to visit Central Street and move to Heilongjang Provincial Museum. The next place is the Stalin Park. Then in the evening, you will visit the Ice Palace Restaurant and Ice Bar. You will also go to the Shangri-la Hotel to get your dinner. In the night, you will go to the Ice Lantern Fair. This is the lantern fair that is made from the ice in Harbin. This fair is held in Zhaolin Park.

Day-2: Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Siberian Tiger Park, Ice and Snow World

In your second day, you will also be picked up by driver and guide at your hotel. You will start the trip at 9 am in the morning from the hotel. First, you will visit the Sun Island. This sun Island is the place of International Snow Sculpture Art Expo. So, you can enjoy the expo with many tourists from another country.

Then you will continue your trip to Siberian Tiger Park. This place is like a zoo but in rare life. In the late afternoon, you will drive to the Ice and snow world. This place is really beautiful and full of snow. There are many big buildings from the snow and ice. This is the fantastic park and the special theme for the Harbin Ice Festival.

In the night, you will come to Harbin ice festival. In this festival, you will see many amazing attraction. There are also many activities you can do and it’s all free. So, you can enjoy your last day in Harbin with so much fun activity. In the early morning, you can check out from Hotel and go back to your country.

Harbin ice festival tour from Australia here will cover all your fee. You will get cover for any entrance fee to all tourism objects in the itinerary. This package will also cover the private transportation fee like driver and vehicle. From your hotel to any spot in the itinerary. You will also get a private vehicle full of air conditioner.

You will also be covered with this package for the private tour. Including the tour guide in English speaking who will guide you and accompany you. You will enjoy many beautiful places with the guide. The accommodation for transportation is also including in this package. It also covers the tax and tickets for economy class. You will also free from the arrangement fee because it includes in this package. We will handle and plan your tour journey in Harbin so you just enjoy your day. But for you personal expenses like laundry and shopping, it will be your matter.

Harbin Ice festival tours 2023 from Australia is the best choice for you. You can get your short holiday while enjoying many beautiful places. You can contact us to know more about the detail and plan your trip in your ease.