Harbin Ice Festival Tours from Hong Kong Winter Season

Harbin Ice Festival

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from Hong Kong in 2019. We would like to offer a good package for you to explore Harbin in winter season. You can go exploring Harbin Ice Festival for 5 days in China with our package. You can get many great adventures with this Harbin Ice Festival package. In China, there are many places to visit. This winter, there will be a China’s Snow Town festival. You can experience the culture in a Chinese life.

There are many activities to do as well. In this snow festival, you can see a night festival and playing a snowmobiling. This ice festival in Harbin is such a great choice for you to spend your winter holiday. So, here is the detail of your itinerary in China.

Day 1 : Harbin Arrival

In your furs day, you will flight from your origin to Harbin. You will be transferred from the Airport to your hotel by a driver. The service from the driver is only to pick you up at airport. Then, you will have free time till the next day. You can stay at the hotel when you feel it’s too cold outside. Leisure your body for tomorrow’s trip.

Day 2 : China’s Snow Town

This second day you will get an arrangement to visit China’s snow town. You will be picked up in your hotel at 08.30 am with a private vehicle. This journey takes 6 hours long to China’s snow town or known as Xue Xiang. Then, once arrived, you will have lunch in a local restaurant.

After having lunch, you can enjoy the experience in China’s snow town with local people. There is a snow charm avenue in which you can walk enjoying the snow. There is also a local museum that you can visit. You can also walk the plank road to see the snow from mountain.

At night, you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery in China’s snow town. There is a mushroom house with red lamps surrounded. It gives a warm and comfortable feeling in the cold night. Inside this house, you will also enjoy the cultural show. The local people will perform their tradition for the tourists.

Day 3 : Yangcaoshan Mountain

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from Hong Kong in the third day. You will go the Yangcaoshan Mountain to see the sunrise. You will be picked up in the early morning and you will be transferred by private vehicle. You can choose whether using snowmobile or cable car. These two options will be at your expense. Not only the sunrise, you also can enjoy the snows cape.

You will get breakfast at the nearest local restaurant. Then you will go back to China’s snow town. You can enjoy another activities in the village, but all expense is yours. You can do snow tubing, dog sledding, or skiing. Next, you will travel back to Harbin in the afternoon.

Day 4 : Harbin Ice Festival

After going back to Harbin, you will get so much interesting activities in this day. The driver and the guide will pick you up in the morning. You will enjoy walking around the Central Street where there is many cultural and historical places. Then, you will continue your trip to Stalin Park. This is the most memorable place in Harbin. You can also see the Flood Control Monument in the center of the park.

In the afternoon, you will go to the Sun Island. You will watch some arts snow expo here. This is the international art expo which shows the snow sculptures. After that, the driver will take you to the Siberian Tiger Park. The most dangerous yet amazing park with many tigers encaged.  The tiger and lion are living free and you can see them from the caged car.

Next, your evening trip is for enjoying the most important event in Harbin. The ice festival in the snow world with many winter doings. All the activities in this festival is free for you. there are a big snow building, ice sculpture, and evening shows.

Day 5 : Departure Harbin

Your Harbin ice festival tour is ended today. The driver will transfer you to the airport and you can continue your trip to another country. You can arrange the time to go to the airport.

What You Will Get from Harbin Ice Festival Tours from Hong Kong?

This tour package will give you an amazing experience in Harbin, China. This is what you will get from this package:

  • Entrances fee to all the tourism spot as the itinerary listed.
  • Meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also request the menu whether western food or Chinese food.
  • Private transfer to the hotel, airport, and the tourism places in Harbin. The vehicle is full air conditioned car.
  • Hotel for you to stay all days when travelling both in Harbin and in China’s snow town. All hotels are including the standard service and meal.
  • Transportation to the itinerary place including the tax and tickets.
  • Arrangement for your trip and Holiday in Harbin China.

Harbin Ice Festival Tours from Hong Kong package does not include your airfare tickets, visa fees, excess baggage, trip insurance, and your personal expenses. But, this package still worth it due to the itinerary you will get. Book your seat now and enjoy your winter holiday in Harbin.